Drug smugglers set free for lack of money to prosecute (video)


Fewer counter-economists are being kidnapped thanks to budget cuts.

“The Justice Department used to help pay for the prosecutions in border areas. The funding reached $31 million in 2010 but fell to $5 million this year. There’s no money in the White House budget request for next year.

The Border Patrol told CBS News in an email that if no one picks up those cases, agents have “no alternative but to seize the illegal drugs … and then release the individuals involved”.

Since suspects can’t be released at this highway checkpoint, federal agents are often stuck giving smugglers a ride to the nearest bus stop.”

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Acts of Sharing

Don’t buy, share! Find people who have what you want or need and ask to borrow it.

“An economy of hyper-consumption has permeated our culture for the past fifty years, and it’s not working any longer. Our planet is being exploited at an unsustainable pace; our sense of community has been disintegrating at an alarming rate; and statistics show we’re not any happier owning more stuff.

Acts of Sharing is a peer-to-peer platform for collaborative consumption. In other words, we exist to facilitate and enhance the sharing experience. Every social circle has a huge overlap in consumer goods that don’t all need to be purchased, owned, and maintained by every individual. 62% of people state that they are interested in sharing consumer goods; they just havent had effective tools to do so, until now.

We believe in access over ownership. With a laser focused vision on making sharing easy, fun, and social, we believe sharing can be the new shopping – while helping you save money, deepen relationships, and create a more sustainable future together.”


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As mentioned in earlier blog posts, as well as our homepage, one of the proposed purposes of the Agorism Project was to facilitate discussion by creating an Agorist forum. Such a forum would have served as a central location for Agorists to discuss Agorism, do business with one another, organize locally, as well as discuss direct action, civil disobedience, mutual aid, counter-economics, and other activities.

Luckily, such a place already exists. Reddit’s Agorism subreddit (r/agorism) is the ideal forum for the type of discussion described above. We encourage all interested parties to use r/agorism as a forum for Agorist discourse.

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Spreading the word

We are very pleased with what we are seeing in terms of traffic to this site. Our page analytics also show lots of traffic leaving our site and heading to the various resources in the links section, which lets us know that people are curious about Agorism and this site is helping them to find information on not only its theory but its practice in daily life.

If you would like to help us educate those interested in Agorism, please know that this site would be the ideal platform. We are looking for original educational content (essays, blog posts, stories of how you live as an Agorist, etc.) We would also appreciate links to Agorist websites and businesses, advice on how to practice Agorism and Counter-Economics in one’s life, and any other type of information you can provide the community. If you can contribute anything at all to the cause, please contact us. Thank you for reading, and we hope interested parties will not hesitate to reach out.

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Building a foundation

We are excited to get the Agorism Project underway and are looking for input from those who would like to get involved. We are currently considering the following methods of promoting and practicing Agorism:

  • Providing a forum for Agorists to organize and plan direct action, civil disobedience, mutual aid, counter-economics, and other activities, as well as do business with one another.
  • Creating original educational content on the topics of Agorism and Counter-Economics.
  • Acting as an aggregator for all Agorist-related material on the Internet.

If you have additional ideas for us, want to get involved with any of the above, or simply have questions, please contact us.

Please also consider supporting us financially.

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