Acts of Sharing

Don’t buy, share! Find people who have what you want or need and ask to borrow it.

“An economy of hyper-consumption has permeated our culture for the past fifty years, and it’s not working any longer. Our planet is being exploited at an unsustainable pace; our sense of community has been disintegrating at an alarming rate; and statistics show we’re not any happier owning more stuff.

Acts of Sharing is a peer-to-peer platform for collaborative consumption. In other words, we exist to facilitate and enhance the sharing experience. Every social circle has a huge overlap in consumer goods that don’t all need to be purchased, owned, and maintained by every individual. 62% of people state that they are interested in sharing consumer goods; they just havent had effective tools to do so, until now.

We believe in access over ownership. With a laser focused vision on making sharing easy, fun, and social, we believe sharing can be the new shopping – while helping you save money, deepen relationships, and create a more sustainable future together.”

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